Our Mission


The Coalition for Research to Practice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to promote and conduct cross-university and multinational research projects aimed at assisting practitioners of all disciplines in utilizing research findings in their respective fields of scholarship and practice. Of particular interest to the Coalition is the preservation of heritage and culture within the scientific enterprise while fostering positive change. Consequently, the Coalition frequently advocates for multiple perspectives and methods of scientific inquiry across cultural and national boundaries.


The Coalition works with fellow academics and researchers both within and outside the United States. With the globalization of most disciplines, collaboration among professionals worldwide can inform each discipline and establish commonalities in practice. By bringing academics and professional researchers together, those who are interested in investigating common problems across cultures can help citizens in all countries.


The Coalition is interested in informing public policy in the broad areas of social welfare and well-being by analyzing the effects of ecological and economic conditions on the health and general satisfaction of citizens across the world. Through working with the Coalition, researchers in the United States and elsewhere can learn about important social, economic, education, and health pressures associated with physical, personal, and social conditions in Cuba and other countries.


Below are some pictures of our last trip to Cuba: