Our Work


Members of the Coalition, though academic and research licenses, have established important relationships with two universities in Habana, Cuba. The University of Habana’s Department of Psychology and Department of Tourism (Commerce) and members of the Coalition have begun an important research relationship aimed at examining various economic, social, academic, and cultural considerations related to the globalization of Cuba and economic reform. Similarly, members of the Coalition have established a research relationship with the Department of Education at the University of Pedagogical Sciences, Cuba’s university to educate and train teachers. Members of that initiative will examine curriculum, and evaluate the alignment between curriculum and workforce needs and pressures. Continuing with the same research agenda, the Coalition has established a very important relationship with the Cuban Center for Psychological and Sociological Investigations. This Center and members of the Coalition are developing variables and metrics that can be used to measure the effects of globalization and reform on different aspects of Cuban life. The aim is to monitor social factors for both benefit and risk during this period of change.


The Coalition is strongly invested in introducing graduate students and researchers from the United States to the Cuban academic and applied research community. Under this license, the Coalition intends to expose United States scholars to the Cuban culture to better understand the Cuban nation and the conditions they face. These experiences will include all areas of appropriate research and examination considered agreeable between the Coalition and the various departments of the university system in Cuba.


Here is the link for our Hominis Psychology Convention 2016

Below are some student photos from our most recent trip to Cuba.